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From the creation of Comexim Europe in 1997, you gave us your trust to seek and deliver chemical raw materials and packaging needed for your formulations.
Raw material distributor dedicated to the Chemical Industry we are located in Sannois, 15 km from Paris, close to the main airport Charles de Gaulle and many logistic facilities of the Paris area.
Our knowledge makes our stock level very effective on our different storage locations in Paris, Marseille and Le Havre areas. We can guarantee lead-time as requested by the customers lean on reliable carriers.
We also have a logistic platform in Charles de Gaulle Airport to import selected quantities by air and meet urgent requirements.


Comexim Europe has selected as Partners producers duly involved in the Research and Development. We share our strategy of long term development. We want to reach the best options and continuously optimize costs/performances to create your own specific products.
We can help to improve your supply chain and formulation efficiency.


Time is short, unexpected obstacles appear, information flow. In this particular environment, our knowledge gives you quick answers. We guarantee to give you the best deadline for response and let you enjoy our fast delivery from our three warehouses.


Comexim Europe’s Organisation is focused on our target : becomes a leader in chemistry supplying. According to our compay size we can provide fast response. Our team will recommend the last technological innovation and all solutions suited to the onging regulations.


We are working in close contact with our principals. Our products can be made following your own specifications. We can also provide specific packagings. Our organisation make it possible to answer to several technical or commercial questions.